On ‘Mean Girls Day’ Tina Fey Gave Away Free Cheese Fries


Because of the famous film scene, October 3 is known as “Mean Girls Day”. The scene “Mean Girls” is: “On October 3 asked me what day it was,” said Cady Heron, the character of Lindsay Lohan, with a voice of applause Aaron Samuels. 

“It’s October 3rd,” she told Aaron. Since then, the scene has become a reference to the meme- and pop culture. Lindsay Lohan “tries so hard” for a sequel to “Mean Girls”

It is therefore logical that the people behind “Mean Girls” on Broadway chose October 3 as the first day of advance sale, with Fey on hand. The veterinarian “SNL” adapted the story of this scenario by hand. Fey, who also played the role of the teacher in the movie, delivered Sweetery Fries from a food truck. ”Mean Girls” fans waiting to buy tickets at August Wilson Theater in the evening.

Cheese chips, of course, are a reference to the classic line of Regina George in the film: “Whatever! I am getting the cheese chips”

It is not known how long Fey stayed on the truck, but the fans have at least cheese chips at Union Square West between the roads 16 and 17 at 3:30 pm. The truck made an earlier stop in the 43rd Street between 7 and 8 avenues.

The show begins previews at the August Wilson Theater on Broadway on March 12, 2018, and will make its world premiere at the National Theater in Washington, DC. 


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