What To See on the French Pink Granite Coast


Located on Côtes-d’Armor, the Pink Granite Coast is named after the huge blocks of granite that emerge from the moor by the coast. The white sand and turquoise water are breathtaking, as are the wild landscapes. This is best enjoyed on foot – in a car, you might miss the charming details of the natural environment. 

This coast is one of just three coasts like this in the world. The pink granite comes from a mixture of quartz, mica, and feldspath. The coasts are located in China, Brittany, and Corsica.

The trail here in Brittany starts at the Ploumanac’h rocks which is in the former fishing harbor. The local village was voted “France’s favorite village” three years ago. From here, a popular hiking path called GR 34 starts, across which you can explore the entire coastline.

Among the landmarks here are the amazing rocks by the sea and the inland flowery moors. You can see Costaérès Castle and the Seven Islands Archipelago from the lighthouse. This nature reserve is home to the biggest colony of seabirds in metropolitan France. You can see gulls, penguins, cormorants, and peregrine falcons, and even some grey seals.

By boat, you can reach Moines Island, where you can have a rest. Another local attraction is the Oratory of St. Guirec.

From here, one travels to Trégastel, where you can see the marine aquarium. There are stunning views of Losquet Island and the Bay of Lannion. The quaint town of Lannion is definatley worth a visit. 


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