Proper Etiquette For ‘Seat Chat’ On a Plane


Getting stuck in an awkward conversation with a seat neighbor on a plane can be a real bummer. The truth is, everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to meeting new people in-flight. So, if you’re unsure about the unwritten rules of engaging with your fellow passengers, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Respecting Personal Space

First things first, it’s crucial to respect personal boundaries. Not everyone is eager to chat, as some may prefer to unwind or catch some shut-eye during the flight. To avoid any discomfort, it’s best to assess their receptiveness before initiating a conversation.

Light and Positive Vibes

If your seat neighbor appears open to a chat, try to keep the conversation light, upbeat, and free of touchy subjects. Instead, focus on shared interests or travel experiences that can spark a pleasant exchange.

Mind Your Volume

Remember, the airplane environment can be quite noisy. When engaging in conversation, make sure to speak clearly and considerately, ensuring your neighbor can hear you without disturbing others nearby. If your neighbor is sporting headphones or engrossed in a book, it’s usually a sign that they prefer some solitude, so it’s wise to give them their space.


Eitan R
Eitan R
Eitan is a songwriter, Lakers fan, and second-place winner at a Harry Potter trivia night. He enjoys writing about travel, sports, food, and geek culture.
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