Pumpkin Houses, A Real Experience


America is getting ready for the annual Halloween party. This celebration changes the country general mood because of the energy and enthusiasm that citizens embrace to wait for it.

Everybody starts preparations a month or even before. Costumes, treats and pumpkins are some of the things found in the streets of the country on Halloween eve. 

Houses are painted orange with all the ornamentation and decorations. It is a real experience to wander around the streets and be able to enjoy what each family display.  

Many traditions accompany the celebration. For instance, people spend a lot of hours thinking and designing their customs to make it as original as possible. 

But what makes this quite an event is to visit the pumpkin patches with the family. Thousands of pumpkins display all around this amazing places. A pumpkin world!

Pumpkin patches developed throughout the years. They used to be huge gardens where pumpkins were cultivated. Now, they are small wooden houses packed with pumpkins on every side of it. 

Every October, locals go to the pumpkin patch to select their pumpkins for carving, a Halloween tradition in the United States. These day, it has become a seasonal fair, where people can take hay wagon rides, enter a spooky fun houses, buy fresh products and enjoy some fun games. 

Fall seems to be an “orange” season, Halloween makes neighborhoods dressed up to celebrate at the end of October. Whole families enjoy all the steps to spend a great Halloween eve.


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