Read This Before Going Abroad With Your Friends


The idea of vacationing with friends can sound great, but in reality, some people find it stressful, frustrating, and even something that can leave the friendship damaged well beyond the end of the vacation. If you’re considering vacationing with friends, check out this advice and guidance before you book those plane tickets.

How Many?

Sometimes, going away as a larger group of friends can help to dispel tensions. If you start getting fed up with someone on day four of the trip, it matters less if there are six other people to chat with and hang out with. However, going away as a large group can be logistically tricky. You will need to make sure that you can find accommodation that can comfortably house everyone, and you will need to ensure that there is some agreement about where you’re going and what you’re doing on vacation.

How Close?

If you’re going away with one friend, you will need to feel confident that you are pretty close—certainly, you will need to feel close enough that you can express your views comfortably without feeling like you’re silencing yourself. Traveling as a pair or trio can be super fun and super intense, so make sure that your friendships can survive some of the inevitable stresses that come with traveling.

How Long?

Many people feel that they can handle the idea of a weekend away with pals, but the thought of a week-long vacation fills them with mild horror. Try and work out how long you want to be away with your friends, and stick to this time limit. Even if your friends want to stay away for longer, you can always book a flight or train back early so that you stay in good spirits throughout the vacation.


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