Riding The Train In This Small Bangladeshi Community Is Very Dangerous


The difference between western culture and other cultures is that cultures that live in more poverty tend to have less safety regulations and rules as a result of lack of governing rules. This is the most dangerous ride you could possibly get. It is the ride that commuters who are traveling out of Dhaka, Bangladesh take every day to get to works. This is by far the most intense commute you could possibly try.

Every morning and afternoon, anyone who needs to travel to and from work hopes their commute will be ok. And yet the residents of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, know that it will be crowded and chaotic. They’re used to having no room at all. The city is so overcrowded that there is not enough space for everyone even on transportation means. This transportation method is extremely dangerous and should not continue to exist, however the saftey rules are so poor, and the government does not care enough to cease this. 

The result is that people climb onto the roof and hang on the sides! Unfortunately, there is no other way to move around and locals have no other option. To get to work people would rather risk their safety than miss a day. Unfortunately, the population is poor and really needs to work. The train goes really fast and people literally risk their lives every day. From now on, you’ll complain less about the morning bus which gets there with a 2 minutes delay.


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