Rio de Janeiro is a Must See Vacation Spot


If you ever find yourself traveling to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is a place you must see. Known as the Cidade Maravilhosa, which means the marvelous city, this destination is one that you will not want to miss out on. 

Rio de Janeiro is a widely popular vacation spot that is known for the carefree lifestyle that is represented by the people who live there and the 20 plus beautiful beaches to go to. Once on any of these beaches, people will be greeted by beautiful people, amazing drinks and an overall unbelievable time.

Aside from the beaches, it is important to do some sightseeing. We recommend making your way to Cosme Velho. Cosme Velho is a neighborhood in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

There, tourists can admire some of the beautiful architecture and scenery around the area. There are plenty of museums, cafes and beautiful churches to take a look at as well.

However, the most famous site in this area is the Corcovado. There, you can see an incredible view and striking 2,400 foot statue of Jesus Christ, which stands on the top of a hill. For the best view, it is recommended to take the train up and enjoy overseeing the beautiful city.

This trip is one that will not disappoint no matter what time of year you plan on going.


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