Saudi Arabia Introduces First Legal Cinemas


Saudi Arabia has one of the most conservative governments and societies in the entire world. Recently, however, the crown prince has been shaking things up with a whole list of social reforms being issued. The most recent reform to be enacted is the lifting of a decades long ban of public cinemas in Saudi Arabia. Licenses are being issued immediately and the first movie theaters are expected to appear and open in this coming March.

In the past, cinemas have been seen as sinful and vulgar in Saudi Arabia. However, this reform poses real change and is a shift in the ultra conservative traditions of the kingdom. However, these cinemas will still be more traditional than the typical movie theater seen anywhere else in the world. It is said that these new movie theaters will be separated by gender or have separate sections for families.

And while some high ranking officials oppose these new additions, claiming that they will be corruptive to the public, plans are on to build the first movie theaters Saudi Arabia has had in over 35 years.


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