Should You Travel to Melbourne or Sydney?


For travel junkies, there are few places more desirable to visit than Australia. Australia is a beautiful continent that hosts a large variety of beaches, climates, landmarks, and wildlife. Along with all of these offerings, there have been few complaints about the food options and the accents of the locals who call Australia home. Two of the most well known cities of Australia are Melbourne and Sydney.

And while Nemo made his way across the ocean to Sydney, these two cities are not always the easiest to choose between if you only have time to make it to one of these destinations on your trip to Australia. Here are some comparisons of these two wonderfully unique cities that may help you decide which one best suits your travel needs.

In terms of weather, things to do, landmarks, nature, and shopping, Sydney, Australia is a must see travel destination. The warm and hospitable climate is more predictable than that of Melbourne’s spotty, sometimes stormy weather. Along with a beautiful climate, Sydney offers some other lovely attractions and nature spots that include the Sydney Opera House and many more. Sydney also offers top notch shopping opportunities and parks where locals and tourists can spend time outside taking walks or participating in outdoor festivals.

While Sydney is great, Melbourne definitely should not be discounted as a travel destination. The food there is said to not only taste better, but is less expensive. Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures and this is apparent with the variety of cuisine options. Nightlife and art are also two amazing parts of the Melbourne culture. From night clubs to art exhibits to cool graffiti, Melbourne trumps Sydney in this area. Likewise, the transportation in Melbourne is significantly more manageable and easily navigable in Melbourne.


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