Six Must-Have Items for those Long, Monotonous Airplane Rides


For the majority of trips within the U.S., having designated travel gear isn’t really a necessity, but on the longer international flights, these essentials can make your trip easier, safer and ultimately more enjoyable.

Zenure Passport Global Power Adapter ($50)

It has a fuse with an automatic reset function that lets it recover from any overloads without replacement  or service and can be used in over 150 different countries. It can also charge more than on device at a time.

Herschel Search Passport Holder with Tile ($85)

Has a pocket-embedded Tile Bluetooth tracker so if you lose it, you’ll be notified of where it is as long as it’s within 100 ft. of your smart phone or any other of the 10 million Tiles located worldwide.

Kindle Oasis E-Reader ($249)

Kindle’s newest version e-reader is waterproof, lightweight at 6.8 oz. with a 7-inch display and an adaptive front light for glare-free reading.

Trtl Neck Pillow ($30)

Features a feathery metal support that rests on the shoulder and also holds the head in best position for a comfy nap. It is machine-washable and has a 7×7-inch packing case you can strap to your carry-on.

Google Translate App (Free)

Hold your device over any menu or sign and it instantaneously translates onto your screen. Also has conversation mode for translation in real-time. Offline use features out loud-reading.

‘New York Times: 36 Hours Europe’ ($40)

Great for finding activities, sights, and restaurants.


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