Spirit Airlines Canceled Hundreds of Flights and Riots Ensued


A big riot started at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after Spirit Airlines canceled hundreds of flights. From the video of the evening, you can see passengers fighting each other.

Apparently the reason that led to the cancellation of the flights is budget. The airline is in fact currently in a labor dispute with the Air Line Pilots Association, the union that represents their pilots.

Things are not going well for the airline. Every day, there are flight cancellations and delays from the airport. Last week alone, over 300 flights were impacted.

Two passengers who had their flight cancelled spent the night at the airport and said: “It started last night, flights were canceled. Fights broke out due to the frustration with Spirit and customers and then it turned into customers against police.”  The situation was so bad that three travelers end up getting arrested as a result of the fight. Of course, the footage immediately went viral on social media giving the airline a really bad name.


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