Street Style Tips You Need to Know Before Visiting Copenhagen, Denmark


The capital of Denmark is fast becoming one of the most stylish cities on the globe, with some fashion insiders whispering that its reputation for innovative, daring street style is pushing more traditionally stylish cities like Paris and London out of the picture. This means that Copenhagen is a great place to visit if you care about clothes and fashion, but do make sure you check out these street styling tips so you can keep up with the locals when you visit.

Have Faith in Neutrals

Copenhagen fashionistas prove that you don’t always need neon colors and experimental styles to make a statement. Combining quality neutrals with your own spin is a great way to look incredibly classy and cool. Investing in a few key pieces, whether it’s your sunglasses, handbag or shoes, can really pull an outfit together and make you stand out from the crowd.

When in Doubt, Wear Denim

While there isn’t a city in the world that can’t showcase some great denim looks, in Copenhagen wearing super-cool, relaxed denim styles is more like a way of life. As the weather warms up, pair your favorite jeans with a cute crop top or baby tee, and accessorize with as many or as few necklaces as you wish.

Twin Colors

If you’re going to add some pops of color to an outfit, why not twin them? Check out this great look which combines a bubblegum pink hat and bag to really emphasize this cute, spring-like shade. In Copenhagen, there’s no need to be afraid of color at all, at the recent Copenhagen fashion week many attendees were spotted in shades ranging from neon green to burnt umber.


Lily F
Lily F
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