Sunbathing With Justin Bieber In Maui


We don’t know about you, but every time we go on vacation to some beautiful hot spot which is known to be frequently visited by the reach and famous, we wish that one of the celebs will sit next to us at the bar or while tanning on the beach, here is one of the hottest celebs spots for vacationing.

Imagine long white sand beaches filled with palm trees and a bamboo forest. The Haleakala National Park that is like a treasure chest for nature lovers filled with amazing waterfalls. Known as the “Valley Isle,” Maui is filled with small towns hide great places to eat, attractions like snorkeling and Catamarans around the island. Don’t miss the small restaurants, bakeries and small art shop hidden in the small island’s towns.

To top the beautiful scenery and romantic sunsets, you might bump into the reach and famous such as Owen Wilson, Oprah, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears. The beautiful young couple, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, is a regular in this island, in fact they like the place so much they set the wedding in the Four Seasons resort in the island.


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