Swiss Restaurant Now Offers Cooking Classes… With Bugs!


Nowadays, we are used on all kinds of cuisines. And now, bugs are becoming part of our diet or at least that’s what this Swiss eatery is trying to do!  The Löscher restaurant in Switzerland’s capital city, Bern, is offering classes to teach people how to cook with insects. Apparently, insects are full of protein and a sustainable food source. From Central Africa to Asia and Latin America, people love eating bugs. To enjoy the taste, we really need to step out our comfort zone.

Löscher’s manager, Andrea Staudacher, told Swiss news outlet 20 Minuten: “We associate prawns with food but not grasshoppers. However the two animals are very similar,” Staudacher said.

The latest cooking class took place on April 3. Attendees learned how to cook items including muffins and falafel using bugs.

“The special thing is that we cook with our own insects,” the restaurant website explains. “These are bred in the restaurant, fed with scraping waste, bred with their droppings mushrooms and finally the insects (as well as the mushrooms) are processed again in the restaurant! …The cooking course also includes a guided tour through this breed, as well as the legal information.”

The culinary course costs around $80, and is available for 20 participants. We are a bit skeptical but apparently it is very successful!


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