Take a Look at China’s Newest Luxury Internet Cafes


We know what you’re thinking: Internet Cafes are dying. Well, not really or at least not in China. Some amazing havens are popping up there and getting a lot of success. The Wolfz gaming lounge recently opened.  It is a 1,700 square meter space in south China’s high-tech hub of Shenzhen.

It has 230 computers, 11 large rooms to book and 5 VIP rooms. The place is incredible! It is owned by a huge Taiwanese pop star Megastar Jay Chou. The popstar is such a huge gaming fan that he owns a professional League of Legends team. The company is supported by both Chou and IDG Capital, a venture capital fund.

This place was opened after players in country started demanding gaming in a more social setting. The cafe plans to work with Chinese companies. For instance Tencent, which owns Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends.


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