Take a Look at the World’s First Sandcastle Hotel


The Zand Hotel is the first sandcastle hotel and you can find it in the Netherlands, more specifically in Oss and Sneek.

The hotel is very unique: it has special suite bedrooms furnished with unique bathrooms. Every night costs £110, but it’s worth the experience. Imagine being able to say you’ve slept in a sandcastle! That is so cool!

The hotel looks amazing and is extremely luxurious. It is the result of an awesome creation. The rooms are gorgeous and come with incredible handmade sand sculpture.

 The whole place seems to come directly from a Disney movie. It really feels like a dream.

The hotel is composed by two bedrooms, each one in a different city. Both are fully booked! When you book you get the whole giant sandcastle. Both castles are decorated with lots of sand carvings. The hotels were built to remind the Brabant and Friesland sand sculpture festivals in the Netherlands.

The sandcastles are furnished with running water, electricity, windows and intricate carvings.


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