These Hot Springs Are One Of Chile’s Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions


When visiting Chile, many tourists only go its capital city Santiago. But this beautiful South American country has way more to offer than you might initially think. With its multiple climate zones Chile has lots to offer: from icy glaciers to beautiful beaches and even a luscious green rainforest.

But that’s not all because Chile also has it’s very own desert with a very special spot, you just have to see when visiting the country: The Termas Banos De Puritama.

These natural hot springs, located at the bottom of one of the Atacama Desert’s canyons, consist of eight individual pools which are currently managed by the Explora Hotel.

The pools all have different temperatures and the coldest one is furthest from the sight’s entrance. All the pools are connected by several wooden footpaths and there are even a couple waterfalls around which you can swim or just hang out under.


At the Termas Banos De Puritama, a day of relaxation doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. To enter the ground you only have to pay an entry fee of 15,000 Chilean Pesos, which is about $20-$25. Do keep in mind that it doesn’t have the amenities a luxury spa has to offer, but the views more than make up for that.

When visiting the Termas Banos De Puritama, there are a few things to keep in mind that will make your trip out there go a lot smoother. First off, there are practically no taxis in the area. Therefore, it’s advised to have a rental car on hand or book an organized trip to the sights. It’s also a must to bring your own towels, food, and drinks because there are no shops or facilities around.



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