The $35,000 Pudding Cup You Have To Try


Your mom totally threw in a Snack Pack into your lunch bag when you deserved a treat, every kid loves pudding. But for the real pudding aficionados out there, this pudding dessert is going to knock your socks off, and probably drain your bank account into oblivion.

At a stunning $35,000, this chocolate pudding is the most expensive dessert in the world. It was created by Chef Marc Gilbert at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel. Clearly there are those out there who truly covet the very best in life, and have literally nothing else to do with their lives, but hey, we won’t judge.

The pudding desert is decorated with gold leaf and diamonds and arrives inside a golden egg shaped container. Don’t be fooled by the relatively plain exterior, the desert contains four different types of Belgian chocolate and some pricey champagne. Obviously given the ridiculous ingredients, this dessert must be ordered three weeks in advance. It is likely the final touch that jacks up the price so much. The magnificent is piece is topped off by an actual two karat diamond.

Thank you for the Snack Packs mom, but we will always keep hoping to one day snag this whopper.


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