The Best Apps You Need For Summer Travel


It’s time to start planning summer travel. Time to think of exotic destinations, booking flights and accommodation. It’s time to realize though what’s the best way to do it, avoiding wasting too much money on flights and exchange rates. Fortunately, today, we have many Apps to help us with that.

We have collected the best ones that will make your trip smooth and fun. And mostly, will make you save a lot of money!

Here are the best travel apps especially for last minute planners. First, you can’t travel without Google Maps or Waze. With Google, in addition to the directions and mapping, you can also download maps for offline use.

The Best Apps You Need For Summer Travel

Wallaby is useful on the road. It manages your credit cards and tracks balance for you. For international travelers, it helps you by telling which cards will work, and which won’t.

Hopper is the best app to book a flight with. Its advantage is that Hopper helps you work out the fees that go with the flight.

Once you have these apps you will be able to plan the best trips last minute. We can already picture you on the road, with the wind in the hair, smiling under the sun and listening to music.


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