The Club In Valencia That You Must See


Valencia, Spain, is the third largest city in the country.  However, many people do not know about all of the amazing things that Valencia has to offer.  Valencia is a city filled with history, art, and a ton of cool places to visit.  Along with this, though, Valencia, Spain has an amazing nightlife and some of the coolest and most interesting clubs that you will experience in all of Europe.  One of the largest and most popular clubs is MYA.

MYA is a club unlike any other.  In Valencia, one of the biggest tourist attraction points is the Museum of Arts and Sciences. This museum looks pretty futuristic and is surrounded by pools of crystal water.  Well, the club MYA, is tucked into part of that building.  So, when club goers are entering the venue for the evening, they first have to walk along the walkways next to these beautiful waterways.  

The lights surrounding the area are also changed to vibrant colors, reflecting of the water and adding a sense of excitement before people even get into the club. Now, once you approach the actual entrance of the club, there’s no way you will miss the spicy spanish music emulating from the inside.  It would also be hard to miss the relatively large line that forms outside of the entrance.

People in the latest European fashion trends are found here, anxiously awaiting entrance.  Once you get inside and your party is allowed into the club, you have the option to enjoy three different rooms with three different music selections.

All of these different rooms are equally as exciting.  The first, is the outdoor space that has a bar, is open to the outside while still covered, and has a more chill atmosphere.  Here is where you can hear all of the latin remixes and your favorite reggaeton hits.  

Next, the largest room has cool, blue and purple lighting.  The music in this room is more typical of a club.  It has all kinds of music, from popular Spanish songs to American hits to beat dropping remixes.  This room is where alot of the heavy dancing occurs.

Lastly, the next room is where you go if you are a club-goer who appreciated American music. Chris Brown, Rihanna, and other popular U.S artists are feature here.  This room has red lighting and is always filled with tourists who know every single word to every single song.  This room is where you will see most of the twerking and mingling occur.

So, when you’re planning your next European getaway, your graduation trip, or even just find yourself randomly in Valencia on a Friday night, remember to check out this amazing club! Just remember to get there around 1:30 because Spaniards usually party between 2:00am to 7:00 am.


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