The Best Last-Minute Travel Websites


Never had the urge of booking a last minute trip? Sometimes, life is so overwhelming that there is nothing better than a weekend somewhere hot or far from the city. Watch out though, because some websites are better than others when it comes to booking last-minute stuff. We have collected the best websites for you so that next time, you’ll be able to find the best offers.

Scott’s Cheap Flights finds a range of big discounts and email them straight to you. So if you don’t have a specific timeline, you can wait for the most convenient weekend. 

The classic website to use is Google Flights. What’s special about it is that it lets you compare and track fares to get the best deal. On top of it, it has features for the last-minute traveler.

Another website is Hotel Tonight. It is an app that lets you find the best deal for a place to stay the same night, the next day or within the next week. It divides hotels into categories like fun, hipster, comfy and so on.

If you use Kayak don’t forget to go on the explore section. There, you can enter your budget, travel time, dates and trip length.

Our all time favorite, however, is Sky Scanner. The lowest cost flights are almost always found on there. Try searching “everywhere,” to see where in the world would be cheapest for you to travel. They also compare prices by dates. 

Have a good trip!


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