The Best Option For Non-Coffee Drinkers in NYC


Is the cold weather really getting to you? Are you experiencing the icy breezes and the crisp winds all while walking town the street with a boring cup of tea?

Well, for those who prefer not to drink coffee in the cold weather but still want the occasional pick me up, there are many cafes that may offer a larger variety of non- coffee beverages that you would have ever thought.

If you are walking around a regular city, odds are you will most likely pass a few coffee shops. And while you may not love coffee, don’t be afraid to step inside and check out the menu. Generic chains like Starbucks offer a huge variety of simple and specialty drinks that contain absolutely no trace of coffee in them.

For example, any of their yummy hot chocolate selections or tea lattes would be a tasty way to experience the warmth that a hot beverage could provide you on a cold day. Likewise, at smaller cafes, such as Argo Tea in New York City, you can find tons of different options.

At Argo Tea, they offer a selection of warm and cold “tea-puccinos” that are simply delicious. You can get these wonderful beverages in flavors such as matcha, vanilla infused, orange infused, or even chocolate infused.

They have iced and hot options that will undoubtedly suit any non-coffee drinkers’ needs. They also offer a variety of bubble teas as well if that is more your thing.

Make sure to check out your surroundings for local joints that will offer you a ton of non-coffee beverage options.


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