The Best Snacks to See You Through Your Wait Time


The least exciting part of any vacation has got to be waiting around in the airport. Even if you’re lucky enough to jet off without any delays, you’re still looking at a couple of hours of entertaining yourself in an airport lounge. This kind of waiting can lead to boredom snacking, which isn’t ideal when the food on offer in most airports is overpriced and overprocessed. Next time you’re going away, why not make or buy these simple snacks before leaving for the airport, so you have something to munch on while you wait.


Whether you buy shop bought or opt for homemade, try to select a popcorn that isn’t super sweet. Popcorn is a satisfying crunchy snack, and when it’s not too heavily sweetened it’s relatively light and healthy. If you download a movie onto your phone or tablet, you can recreate a cinema experience for yourself and forget, for a moment, that you’re waiting in the airport lounge.

Date and Oat Bars

Nuts are a big no-no on flights, due to the risks posed to anyone with allergies. It’s better to be safe than sorry in the airport too, so try these date and oat bars for a pleasingly healthy treat. You just need a bag of chopped dates, some oats, and a bit of coconut oil. Melt the coconut oil in a pan, add two handfuls of dates and two handfuls of oats, allow to cool, and shape into bars or balls. If you wrap these in a bit of greaseproof paper, they travel easily and are great on the go.

Plain Crisps

For anyone who’s a nervous flyer, the idea of eating lots of rich food just before boarding is far from appealing. If you think you’ll be hungry at the airport but will be unable to manage a full meal, try bringing a pack of lightly salted crisps. They will give you enough energy to keep going until you disembark but shouldn’t make you feel queasy or overfull. Remember, if you’re feeling really nauseous, lightly sparkling soda can combat this.


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