The Border Patrol Plans To Install Facial Recognition At Every Airport


How does the US government know when a visa holder leaves the country? The Biometric Exit is a way to confirm if a visa holder has left the U.S. Once installed, this system will let CBP figure out who is staying too long when he couldn’t.

Facial recognition could be easily installed because the U.S. already has an enormous database of photos to scan that it doesn’t have to ask permission or have travelers sign a release to use. However, the system could have some issues. Firstly, there may not be legal standing to deny access to law enforcement.

Is it legal to scan the face of people when they enter the airport? Will data on innocent citizens’ comings and goings be kept, or deleted? Again, there’s a big issue on privacy. Not to mention that this system doesn’t always work. The Government Accountability Office recently criticized the FBI for failing to test the accuracy of its system.

So why does CBP want to install it? It’s all on Trump. US President has already issued executive orders related to the Muslim bans and the Mexican issue in the United States. Let’s see if the system will work as it should.


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