The CEO Of KLM Shares His Favorite Travel Hack



Air travel can be hectic today. Also for frequent travelers. Therefore, we will see someone who spends much of his life on a plane for advice, Pieter Elbers, CEO of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

KLM was founded in the year 1919 and is one of the oldest airlines in the world operating under its original name. Elbers has been managing the Dutch airline since 2014.

According to Elbers, who flies to a part of the world several times a month, it is important to have an organizational plan. Asked whether he uses a high-tech application or organizational support, the managing director of KLM jokes: “No, if I need an app to remind myself what to pack, I should be out of work, right?” Instead, he has developed a system where everything he needs is always in the same place in his suitcase.

The CEO Of KLM Shares His Favorite Travel Hack

“Everything is in a fixed location, everything is packed the same way, I’m going to get on a plane every two weeks, so I want to make sure I do not forget anything. I need everything, in the same way, I know where everything is packed, I know the packaging sequence, so yes, I do it in the same structured way,” he told us recently in an interview.

Since the internal clock of the human body can only be set up for one and a half hours, jet lag is almost inevitable on long journeys. Since the KLM road network crosses the world, it means many long trips to Elbers.

“Well, defeating Jet Lag is a morning race for me, so wherever I go, I get up early, make my career, and for me, it’s the way to overcome jet lag.

The CEO Of KLM Shares His Favorite Travel Hack

Being in New York is now – there’s no better place to walk in the morning than Central Park, so I do,” he said. 
According to Professor Steve Simpson of the University of Sydney, activity and sunlight exposure are two great ways to combat the effects of jet lag. 

There are many who rightly or wrongly believe that Tuesday afternoons are the best time to buy plane tickets when looking for a good deal. Unfortunately, the boss of KLM does not agree.

The CEO Of KLM Shares His Favorite Travel Hack

“Well, it’s definitely not Tuesday afternoon. The prices change all the time depending on the season, depending on the demand, depending on the specific circumstances, so that I could not give a certain time of the year,” said Elbers.

There is little more important in air traffic than writing this free update in a high-end cabin. There was countless advice on how to dress and what to say to end the deal with the airline staff. But loyalty to KLM is most important to Elbers.

The CEO Of KLM Shares His Favorite Travel Hack

“We sometimes have situations of overbooking, and in this case, of course, we try to find our most loyal customers and reward them for their loyalty, even when they travel by bus. Well, I think the answer to your question is that you are a loyal customer in KLM and have the best chance of being updated,” he said.


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