The Craziest Breakfast Pie You’ve Ever Seen is in Britain


When you think of ethnic foods, certain things may come to mind. For example, the United States might make you think of pizza and burgers. When you think of Canada you might think of maple syrup. But what about when you think of the U.K.? The first thinh you think of is probably fish and chips or maybe even tea and biscuits. However, nothing is more British than a fried breakfast. Except, for a fried breakfast encased in a pie. Only in the UK, people could come out with such a weird yet maybe delicious idea. It’s called the “Brekkie Pie.” It comprises all the ingredients you’d typically find in an English fry up. There is bacon, fried egg, baked beans and tomatoes.

The pie was thought and made by Chef Chris Kennedy at Oxfordshire-based restaurant group House of Jacob. He wanted to marry up two British favourites: a pie and the typical English breakfast.

“We layered tomato, baked beans, black pudding, bacon chop, fried egg and HP gravy into our vintage John Hunt pie press, so when you cut into it every element is perfectly stacked. We’ll be serving it with a side HP gravy for dipping,” said Kennedy.

You can find this pie in several locations in Oxfordshire, including the Woodstock Arms in Woodstock and Jacob’s & Field, Jacob’s Inn, and Jacob’s Brasserie in Oxford.

The pie costs £8.50 ($10.36). You have to try it, don’t miss out on this different yet yummy pie!


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