The Emerald Coast of Nicaragua is A Hidden Jewel of World Travel


The world seems to be getting smaller. For one thing, the population is continually rising, and more and more land is being turned into cities. But in addition to this fact, there is also a rising number of travelers. It’s a great thing that more people than ever can travel but it makes it harder to find places that offer the sort of travel experience that people crave, getting away from it all and discovering something new. Well, that’s exactly what you can still find when you visit the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua.

Don’t get it confused, Nicaragua isn’t completely unknown. The country is quickly becoming a popular destination for travelers. 1.5 million people traveled there on vacation in 2016, and the number will be even higher this year. But that’s still just a tiny fraction of the 32.6 million who visited Thailand in the same year or the 6.6 million who visited Brazil.

So Nicaragua is still off the beaten trail, and the Emerald Coast is even farther afield. But just because someplace is isolated it doesn’t mean that you should travel there. Some places are hidden for good reason. Well fear not, the Emerald coast has plenty to offer!

The biggest draw of the shore is the coastline. The beaches are absolutely breathtaking, and there are some amazing surfing opportunities all up and down the coast. The area isn’t over-developed, but there is still a smattering of beautiful resorts and more humble hotels. The best places to stay on the coast are probably Mukul or Rancho Santana. These resorts are sprawling affairs that have been set up to offer a truly world-class pampering.

Staying on the coast is a breeze, but getting there can be a bit tricky. The Emerald coast has had its own international airport since 2015 when the Emerald Coast International airport was opened to the public. But this doesn’t mean you can fly there directly from NYC, most of the ECI’s flights connect with airports in Costa Rica. If you want to fly directly into Nicaragua, then your best bet is landing in the Augusto Sandino International airport in Managua and driving a few hours down to the coast.

So when you’re planning your next trip, don’t feel like you have to travel to the same places that everyone else seem to be headed to. Consider Nicaragua for a truly unique beachside retreat.


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