The Fascinating Harajuku Culture of Japan


Japan was once most famous for its sushi. It is also the country that gave the world Tamagotchis. But now there is a new trend and it all started from the area next to the Harajuku Station in Tokyo.

This culture started during the post-war Allied occupation of Japan. At the time, in fact, American soldiers and civilians lived in the area. As a result not only is Harajuku culture very popular in Japan, it has also made its way to America. In America, this Japanese lifestyle is very popular among people who also closely follow Japanese culture reguarly. Though not nearly as popular as it is in Japan, Harajuku is loved by many in the states.

This is how Japanese youths experienced a different culture. Not only that, fashion designers and their entourages settled in the area and started calling themselves: “the Harajuku tribe.” This tribe became a movement and a culture.

Omotesando, one of the main streets, is considered a high-fashion center. What’s special there, is that the styles constantly change. But some are more popular. For example, the Cosplay that involves dressing up as a well-known character from a movie, game, band or manga (comic book). This also includes acting the part.

Another one is Lolita, someone who wears a cupcake-shaped knee-length skirt with petticoats and knee-high stockings. Another one is the Gyaru which consists of bleached or dyed hair, and garishly decorated makeup.

There are so many more, you should just fly there and see it with your own eyes!


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