The Hidden Gems of Portugal


Portugal is an amazing place: Great weather, cheap prices, charming neighborhoods and natural spots to explore. Some of its locations are incredibly beautiful and these hidden gems, in particular, are breathtaking.

The Hidden Gems of Portugal

Serra da Estrela Mountains

In the center of the country, there are the Serra da Estrela Mountains.

It is Portugal’s highest mountain range and besides having a gorgeous view, it hosts the Burel factory, a production of very untraditional shepherd’s cloaks.


The Hidden Gems of Portugal

Parque Natural da Arràbida

Another amazing place is the Parque Natural da Arràbida, at the south of Lisbon. It is a beautiful park on the coast of the country, it’s perfect for a sunny day spent outdoors.


The Hidden Gems of Portugal


For a day of relaxing instead, we suggest the fishing town of Olhao, a sandy and laid-back village where you can chill on the beach and swim in clean waters.


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