The One Reason Pollen Haters Should Travel to Spain


When the spring time season comes in the United States, many people have to adjust their medication and pull out the tissues. One of the absolute worst things about spending the Springtime in some parts of the United States is the excessive prevalence of pollen on seemingly every corner. Pollen dusts grass fields, people’s cars, everyone’s houses, and basically everything.  Pollen is one of those unavoidable plagues that contributes to the frustration of many people.

Pollen is also one of the most common allergies that is prevalent among the U.S population.  Kids who play Spring sports, people who enjoy going on hikes or being in the outdoors, and even people who just park their cars outside all have to deal with the presence of pollen. So, naturally, how does one get away from all of the terrible pollen? It is almost inevitable to avoid pollen in the U.S. when it is spring so many people who are sensitive to it should think of other options.  Well, for one, you could travel to spain.

Spending your Springtime in Spain, especially during March and April, can be the answer to all of the pollen hater’s prayers.  Although the little yellow allergens are minimally speckled throughout the streets, the amount of pollen present is much less severe than many parts of the U.S. So, why not take a trip to Spain, enrich your cultural knowledge, and eat some great Paella? No one will even have to know that it’s all in an effort to avoid the pesky pollen.


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