The Pantheon in Rome is Now Going to Charge A Fee to Get In


The 1900 year old landmark in Rome, the Pantheon, is about to undergo a big change. 
For the first time in history the famous ancient ‘Temple of All Gods’ will charge us a fee to take a peek inside. 

Dario Franceschini, the Italian minister of Culture, announced that the entry fee for the Pantheon will be around €3. “I do not see why to go to the Colosseum you have to pay for a ticket [but] enter the Pantheon, no.”, he said back in March of 2017.

The only thing they haven’t figured out yet is where to place the ticket office. With over 30,000 visitors a week, the pantheon is one of Rome’s most popular attractions and according to critics it’s nearly impossible to manage a ticketing system with this many daily visitors. 

Not only are the long waiting lines going to be an eyesore but The Telegraph Travel’s destination expert, Lee Marshall, gives tourists the advice to visit the Pantheon during the first hours after opening to avoid waiting in line for hours. 

The plan is that 80 percent of the entry fees will be used for the upkeep of the building. The other 20 percent will go towards the city’s Solidarity Fund for the disadvantaged, like other Roman attractions do also.

For those traveling on a tight budget there are still some attractions to visit in Rome that do not charge an entry fee, such as the Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps and the Aventine Hill. 


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