The Pros and Cons of Being Spontaneous While Traveling 


Traveling is an amazing thing to experience—you end up meeting so many people and seeing and trying so many new things. Many people have their own routines and practices they like to stick to while traveling to help them make the most out of it. A common phenomenon while traveling is spontaneity, and people either love or hate being spontaneous. Here are some of the good and bad sides to being spontaneous while traveling. 

You Can Feel Free

There is something so invigorating about not having much of a plan and just going with the flow. You can feel a sense of freedom that is hard to achieve when everything is planned out and you are following a schedule.

It Can Be Stressful

As exhilarating as that free feeling is, it’s also exhausting at times and can lead to some stressful situations. If you don’t have a solid plan for where you will be sleeping that night then the uncertainty can start to feel very unenjoyable as the day goes on. 

You May Experience More New Things

Living spontaneously while traveling will likely open more doors for you, in terms of the people you meet and the things you get involved in. Having more of a plan will often keep you stuck in your path.

It May Cost You More

Leaving things to the last minute may be fun, but it can mean you end up paying more for transport and accommodation.


Hannah F
Hannah F
Hannah loves traveling and having new experiences. She is happiest when enjoying the wonderful outdoors and walking in nature, but also loves a cosy night in with a book or film.
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