The Best Kept Secrets of NYC Taxi Drivers


Years before Carrie Bradshaw hailed her first yellow taxi on the busy streets of New York city – the popular mode of transport was synonymous with the bustling streets of the “Big Apple”. The yellow taxis provide transport to residents, professionals and tourists alike, so we have no doubt that the drivers who navigate the streets, 50 000 to be exact, are privy to a range of different passengers stories and secrets.
While the passengers might provide an assortment of entertainment and information it’s the people on the other side of the partition that can really share secrets.

New York Taxi drivers are an elite group of professionals and hold the key to a range of different stories. For one they have a secret sign for the police, you know, in case someone tries to rob them or get out the cab without paying the fare. On top of that cabbies are also perfectly within their legal rights to refuse to pick up a passenger if they are drunk or disorderly. If a taxi driver finds an inebriated and semi-conscious drunkard has been shoved into the back of their cab, known to some as a “drunk drop”, they can also legally return them to the scene of the drop and refuse to take them anywhere.


New York City cab drivers most certainly find themselves in awkward situations with a variety of people hailing a cab with no destination in mind and then driving around for hours only to be returned to their point of pickup. Taxi etiquette is also important, closing the partition between you and the driver is considered rude and sitting in the front can be uncomfortable for both you and the driver, most importantly, follow in Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahnik footsteps when hailing a cab, step into the road, raise and arm and the man navigating the bustling streets from inside that yellow cab will surely race to your side and take you wherever you choose to go.


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