The Ultimate Weekend Packing Solution


So you just got off the phone and you’ve been invited for a nice weekend with the guy you are dating or is it your husband or one of the girls inviting you to her bachelorette party. Well one night or maximum two nights away, when you know that most of the time you won’t be really wearing anything more than your swimsuit, you have to get a bag that will be easy to carry and will have a nice capacity. Enters the Weekender Bag (well, we know, they have to work on its name).

Different than your regular carry-on or check-in language, the Weekenders Bag will usually won’t have wheels and are carry with one or two of straps from the top.  They are chic and can come in various designs that can show the real you in an elegant way. They should be big enough to fit inside another extra pair of shoes, toiletry bag, lacey things, two or three changes of clothes and a swimsuit. Make sure you always have one ready, you can never know when a surprise weekend is being planned for you by the people who loves you.


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