These are the Best Countries for Solo Travel


Solo traveling is one of the most exciting things to embark on. Getting to explore the world and visit new places is an incredible experience, and doing this by yourself offers endless opportunities to see a unique perspective on life and engage in some self-growth. However, it can be a risky thing to do and may lead to feelings of isolation. These issues can be much more prevalent in certain parts of the world, and therefore if you’re looking to do some solo traveling then it’s a good idea to head to somewhere that offers great circumstances for the solo traveler. Here are some of the best countries for solo travel.


This country has some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable, including the world-famous highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest. Some fantastic organizations are offering guided treks across the landscape, and some truly wonderful cities to explore. Travelers to this area report a very safe and welcoming atmosphere.

New Zealand

Known for having calm, friendly people and low crime rates, this is one of the safest countries to travel to. It’s a popular travel location for people worldwide, so the local residents are well used to newcomers and there are plenty of attractions and services available. 


This sunny European country is a popular destination for relaxing vacations and it offers incredible opportunities for solo travel as well. There is an endless range of fascinating attractions to visit, from bustling cities to jaw-dropping mountains. There is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere there, meaning solo travelers will feel welcomed and at ease in most areas. 


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