These Magical Tree Tunnels Will Amaze You


Around the world, there are some very magical and unique environments. One of them, is this cherry blossom tree tunnel in Bonn, Germany. It feels like you’re walking into the set of a movie. Around springtime in April, the streets erupt in a bright and sensational flurry of pink petals. Because it is so beautiful, this tunnel has become famously known for its unique beauty worldwide, and attracts many tourists from all different corners of the world around this time in April. Many people come to take in and witness the beauty of these trees since is such a unique experience to witness first hand.

 Another famously known nature setting is the one called the Dark Hedges in Ireland. Originally planted by the Stuart Family in the 18th century, it has grown immensly and impressively. And guess what else? The famous TV show Game of Thrones has used it as a location several times becuase of how mysterious and mid-evil it looks. This location has become more famous since ot has aired several times on the show. It is such a unique place to see for yourself! 

The last one is the Japanese one. It is a row of ginkgo trees. These trees are strategically placed to maximize the brilliance of its golden glow. They were planted in Meiji Jingu Gaien on the western edge of Tokyo. Despite the ginkgo trees only blossom for a few weeks in autumn, the amazing color they have makes the wait well worth it.


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