These People Got Married…on a Roller Coaster


We always love to hear a good ol’ high school sweetheart marriage story, but this one is particularly amazing. These two exchanged vows while mid-roller coaster at the New England Six Flags. Ashely, 25, and Thom, 29, road in the the front car of the Superman ride with their officiant J. Chris Quint, their bridal parties, and as many wedding guests as could fit on the 34-person ride. The cutest part is that they couldn’t even get their ring bearer to attend the ceremony because he was not tall enough to ride the coaster.

The Journal reports that Quint waited until they were at the 208-foot peak of the ride to promptly shout at them “Do you, Thom, take Ashley, and do you, Ashley, take Thom to be your lawfully wedded husband and wife?” They both totally said “I do!” as they rode down the crazy drop.


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