These Shoes Are Ideal For Your Next Active Vacation


Designed to mimic the way that you would naturally walk without shoes on, barefoot shoes are effective at providing you with a great stride. This makes them comfortable and effective shoes to take on vacation as you go into the great outdoors. Here are the best barefoot shoes you could get for your next trip.

Xero Shoes Prio Running and Fitness Shoe

Available for under $100, these Xero running shoes come with a FeelTrue sole, providing traction so that you can get a good grip on any surface while also protecting your foot. With its drop sole, this shoe ensures proper posture, balance, and comfort.

Merrell Vapor Glove 6 Trail-running Shoes

With its molded nylon arch shank, this shoe ensures that your feet are alleviated of any pressure or discomfort. What’s more, its 100% recycled breathable mesh upper ensures that your feet get maximal airflow and remain fresh.

Vibram Five Fingers V-trail 2.0 Shoe

With separate toes to keep your toes feeling free and refreshed, these shoes come with minimal outsoles, ensuring that you remain unrestricted. Still, their soles remain high-traction, ensuring that you maintain maximum grip and durability. What’s also great is that they come with adjustable straps to allow you to wear these shoes in a way that is most comfortable for you.


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