These Two US Cities Have The Worst Drivers


Driving surrounded by bad drivers is the worst. You have to focus on your own driving and try to predict others’ mistakes. In these two cities, you have to pay extra attention because the drivers are extremely bad. In these two cities there is the highest concentration of bad drivers in America.

The survey was led by EverQuote and revealed that Pittsburgh is one of two cities that with the worst drivers in America. To conduct the study, researchers used the EverRide monitoring app. This alp defines “good” or “bad” driving across five categories: phone use, speeding, acceleration, braking, and turning. The research lasted almost one year and monitored the behavior of 150,000 drivers.

The issue is that drivers speed too much and use the phone while driving a lot. Same result was collected on the New Yorkers. It’s impossible to drive in Manhattan, you need to look everywhere before making a move! Where are the best American drivers? In Minneapolis and St. Paul, St. Louis and Portland.


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