What You Need to Know about Airplane Food


Airplane rides are often one of the very least exciting aspects when you are traveling. The only thing that may seem to be slightly less appealing than a 12-hour international flight, is the food that you will be served on the plane.

Once on a plane, many travellers excitedly wait for their drinks and snack options. However, the actual meals are a lot less anticipate. However, most people end up eating them anyway because by the time the meals come around, it has been a few hours and you are probably pretty hungry by that point.

And while the food itself isn’t too bad, here are some things that you should probably know before you eat it.

For one, it is important to note that all meals are cooked and packaged at the airport. They are only reheated on the planes. Therefore, you cannot make any dish substitutions.

For example, if the options are pasta with marinara or beef with teriyaki sauce, don’t try to ask for beef with marinara sauce on it instead.

Next, it is also important to note that you get fed meals based off of the schedule of the country that you are visiting.

So, even though you may have just boarded an evening flight to France, you will most likely be served breakfast food pretty early on in the flight in order to try to get your body’s clock a bit more regulated and prepared for the upcoming time change that you are going to experience.


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