This Australian Restaurant is so Good It’ll Make You Dine and Dash Straight into the Ocean


Terry Peck is an Australian rapper that goes by the stage name, 2pec. As any celebrity would, he went to dine at an expensive and luxurious seafood restaurant called Omeros Bros in Queensland. The rapper can surely pack in a lot of food as he ordered more than 400 Euros worth of seafood and alcohol all for himself, according to Journal.

His meal included “a whole baby octopus, two large lobsters, 21 oysters in vodka and [he] washed the lot down with Mexican lager”. Once he had finished eating, Terry ran from the restaurant by attempting to dine and dash. He was chased by waiters up until Main Beach on the Australian Gold Coast. Terry ended up getting in the water and he refused to come out.

The restaurant proceeded by calling the police. They tried to negotiate with him so that he would come out of the water but he continued to refuse. Eventually, they went in on jet skis and pulled him out forcefully. Terry was arrested and went to court this past Sunday where he was charged for both obstructing police and stealing.


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