This London Brewery Uses Bread To Make Their Beer


Beer has always been a popular beverage of choice. From breweries using tropical fruit infusions to coffee flavorings to other unique flavor combinations, there has been an increasing trend of incorporating unlikely ingredients in order to create the perfect concoction of beer. However, now more than ever, breweries offering various types of innovative takes on beer have been popping up all across the world. One boutique brewery in London has found a way to craft unused bread into tasty ale in order to reduce the amount of food waste.

This brew has the equivalent of one slice of bread in each serving. The bread is used to replace a third of the malted barley that would typically be used for the brewing process.  The brewery, Toast Ale, sources the bread that they use from sandwich making factories by taking the typically thrown out end slices of the loaf and converting it into a useful addition to the brewing process. When people purchase loaves of bread, the two end slices are typically avoided and eventually end up in the trash.  It is estimated that about 44% of bread baked in the UK is wasted and households typically throw away a combined 24 million slices. This extremely innovative brewing technique was introduced with Toast Ale in London but has since expanded to breweries in Yorkshire, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, and Reykjavik. Not only does this beer taste great, but it also offers a more environmentally sustainable way of production by using perfectly good food that would otherwise have been wasted.


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