This Couple got More than they Planned for on their Wedding Day


When planning a wedding, you think about everything that can possibly go wrong. One thing you probably haven’t worried about is whether or not the groom’s tuxedo somehow will end up on the wrong plane on the way to your destination wedding in Iceland. Well, add this to your list of worries because this genuinely just happened to someone. Delta Airlines lost this groom’s luggage on the way to his wedding in Iceland. Based off of this hilarious photo, the couple handled this debacle in a very creative way.

A friend of the bride uploaded this picture of the groom kissing his bride while wearing a shirt that says “This wedding suit is courtesy of Delta Airlines” along with the story on Reddit with the caption “If you want to wind up in the same country as your wedding outfits, don’t fly Delta Airlines.”

This whole long, sad, story began when the couple missed a connection from Washington D.C. to Iceland, and were reportedly rerouted from Paris to Berlin before arriving in Iceland. Somehow their luggage was lost and eventually found in Frankfurt.

Delta Airlines says “Unfortunately, we were not able to provide the customers with their items in time for their special day. We have reached out to them, offered an apology, and reached an amicable resolution.”


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