This Is The Best Sundae You Will Ever Taste


Sure, we all love a good ice cream sundae. But some of us really just want a whole lot more out of life. For those who truly want the best, there is The Frrozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae made by Serendipity 3 in New York City. This sundae is not like any other ordinary ice cream sundae you can get an ice cream shop. This is becuase this particular sundae does not just come with ice cream, and it is also does not have the same price point as most other sundaes. the reason is becuase you get a side of real gold flakes with your sundae. 

The shop is already well known around the globe for its unique and utterly delectable treats (think Frozen Hot Chocolate!) but this one really takes the cake, or should we say, the ice cream cake.

Hang on to your hat, because this bowl of ice cream costs an unbelievable $25,000. The desert is a collaboration between the restaurant and the luxury jewelry designer, Euphoria New York.

Think the highest quality in ingredients (including 14 different types of cacao, many among the most rare and precious in the world) and oodles of 23 karat gold leaf.

While we were busy paying college tuition for a semester, someone out there was spending the same amount of money on this frozen treat. It looks pretty, and probably tastes at least decent, but given that price tag, we think we will stick with some good old Ben and Jerry’s and save our cash for something else.



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