This is the Biggest Wave You Have Ever Seen


A dangerous weather in Australia is causing rough surf conditions. Gilchrist has collected many incredible photos about it.

He spent a weekend working on a ferry just like the past nine years. He started his way up to deckhand. All of the sudden by posting these pictures, he reached 1000 likes for each one.

Also, everyone is commenting on them surprised by the crazy weather conditions. “Great day to be working,” commented Gilchrist. “It was only for a few hours it went a bit insane. Made it pretty busy with swell and sail boats,” he says.

It’s crazy nowadays how social media can make you famous for a day. All you need to do is post extraordinary pictures or be an extremely attractive guy or girl and before you know it, you’ll have an enormous number of followers!

This is what happened to Gilchrist. On a special work day, he posted some great pictures and now he is followed by a lot of people and everyone is interested in what else he has to post and show!


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