This Is Where Flight Attendants Sleep on Planes


Sleeping on the job is usually forbidden, but not if you are a flight attendant and you have to work on a long flight.  For those who have always wondered where these flight attendants sleep, here is the answer you were looking for.

Virgin Australia recently shared pictures if the area where the crew rests on its Boeing 777-300ER planes. Flight attendants can sleep in one of the eight single beds above the economy cabin.

While pilots have their own two beds above the business class seats. According to Virgin, the crew puts on pajamas before taking a nap. Even on American and United Airlines, the flight attendants duck into secret rooms to take a nap.

These secret rooms are spacious and comfy, but apparently, every airline has different hidden rooms according to the taste of the designer behind them!

Now that you know about these secret rooms, do not go wandering on the plane!


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