How One Woman Beautifully Deals with Her Fear of Traveling


Jaqui Kenny has very severe anxiety. Her anxiety is sometimes so bad that she is too afraid to step out of the bounds of her house. She struggles with agoraphobia which means that she is afraid of being unable to escape places or having panic attacks in places without an easy path home. She decided to turn to Google Street View to find a way to escape her apartment without actually having to go very far.

“One day I found myself searching through Google Street View and before I knew it, I was taking screenshots of compelling subjects and places,” she told National Geographic. “After exploring the world for a while, I started to realize that the Google Street View camera was helping me discover and develop a certain aesthetic and point of view, as well as giving me the ability to curate the world as I see it.” What she has captured is absolutely gorgeous.

She began to show the screenshots she took on her Instagram account, Agoraphobic Traveler. She has now taken 27,000 screenshots from around the world but has only instagrammed 200 of them. She hopes to one day make her own website out of her idea.

Kenny says that this whole new pastime has helped her manage her illness. “It’s connected me with so many other people that have agoraphobia, so I don’t feel so alone with it,” she told National Geographic. “It does make me what to travel more. It makes me want to face my fears.” In fact, she told the Times that she’s recovering and now only spends a few hours a week on Google Street View.


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