This Man Met a Quokka Who Won’t Leave Him Alone


One day, Campbell Jones went for a bike ride with his girlfriend. They were in Rottnest, Australia, when they came across a quokka.

They stopped for a second and then continued on their own path. However, the quokka started chasing them and in particular, he chased Campbell.

He followed him on a hug position and when the guy stopped, the quokka actually jumped on him. It was love at first sight! Quokkas are known for being extremely friendly, but this one was beyond expectations.

If you have never seen one, quokkas look like really small kangaroos. They are brown, fading to buff underneath. It might seem that they are tiny and weak, however this animal is able to climb trees and very strong.

Just as this one climbed on Campbell to get to him and give him a huge hug!

He won’t leave him alone, at some point the girlfriend started getting jealous! Forget kangaroos, quokkas are the attraction to see in Australia!


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