This Mexican Bar Was Built In An Unexpected Place


When it comes to bars it’s all about the atmosphere or as the old saying goes location! Location! Location! At the end of the day, all bars serve the same beer, wine, you can order a Shirley Temple or a Bloody Merry at any bar around the globe. But going to a bar is more than just grabbing a glass of wine or beer, or, if that was its only purpose, people would just have a drink at home. Aside from the drinking, people go to bars when they want to feel a certain vibe that they cant get at home, or when they want to meet new people. 

Bar-goers are coming back for more booze only when there is an actual experience, a bonding feeling that one can only feel when he is at home. Now if you like cozy, enclosed and mysteries places, we found the place for you.

Magical stalactites and stalagmites are all around you, a nature-made underground cavern is home to a restaurant and bar that can accommodate more than 300 people.

Filled with both tables and lounge seats, the Alux Caverna is mostly lit with candles. The visitors get into the cozy atmosphere as they descend down the steps into the cave, which dates back more than 10,000 years.

The Bar & Lounge space is located in the second biggest vault in the cave and often features DJs, bands, theater performances, and more in the underground setting.

We recommend going through the different rooms and marvel the unique vistas the cave can offer before being seated.


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