This New Snapchat Feature Can Make you a More Worldly Person


 This week Snapchat came out with a new Map feature. This feature opens up whenever you use two fingers and pinch the screen to simulate “zooming in.” When you do this, a giant world map appears which shows where all of your Snapchat friends are. This map is extremely accurate and shows exactly where each one of your Snapchat friends is located, down to their specific house number on their specific block. Although the viewing of your friends feature is the most notable part of this new Snapchat creation, there is another feature that not as many people are talking about: the ability to “travel” the world.

You can now see what is going on in the world, simply by looking at your Snapchat map. You can see what people are up to in all sorts of places from the Grand Canyon to the Great Barrier Reef. Once you open the map feature, you can tap on glowing blue circles in order to see snaps from different places. If a circle is glowing red, it means that there are a lot of snaps in that area.


You simply have to click on various parts of the map to see what people are up to in different places. For example, we were able to see a “DJ Snake” concert in Las Vegas, the Minions ride in Universal Studios Singapore, and a Chile vs Germany soccer game; all in the time it took for us to write this sentence.

This feature can be used in many ways, one of which is to virtually travel the world. If you and your friends want to take a road trip across America, this feature can help make sure that you don’t miss out on the best attractions. If you and your family know you want to travel in Europe this summer, but don’t know specifically where, this feature can help you figure it out. Who would have thought that Snapchat can now act as your travel agent?


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